Spin-off companies

An important transfer channel is direct spin-off from the research field. In these spin-offs, scientists found their own companies based on technologies that they have developed.

The Helmholtz Association founders are nominated on a regular basis for nationally and internationally recognised awards and conferences, such as the following in 2015:

From 2005 to 2014, a total of 118 spin-offs were successfully founded, out of which 38 have emerged in the last two years. The insolvency rate for Helmholtz spin-offs is lower than the average. More than half of the spin-offs were promoted by the funding programme “Helmholtz Enterprise"


Founding your own enterprise as an employee of Helmholtz:

The step from scientist to entrepreneur is supported by the Helmholtz Association transfer departments in multiple ways. This includes support in business and legal issues involving the founding of an enterprise, support in the acquisition of foundation capital and networking with potential investors, customers and partner enterprises.

Becoming a partner of a Helmholtz spin-off as an individual or enterprise:

If you are interested in products and services of innovative spin-offs that are relevant to your business area, or if you are looking for investment opportunities in exciting technological fields, we would be glad to provide contact with our spin-offs.

Supportive transfer instruments:

As an internal transfer instrument for the support of spin-offs, “Helmholtz Enterprise” provides help. The programme envisions supporting founders with up to 260,000 euros for one year (including matching by the Helmholtz Centres). This funding puts the founders in a position to found the enterprise and, if necessary, to take advantage of external management support in order to position themselves in the market. Almost 90 foundation projects have been supported since 2005.

Also, under the auspices of the events “Start-up Days“ and “Innovation Days“ possibilities are being offered in which founders and would-be founders can take part in workshops and presentations involving external experts, possible customers or investors.

Examples for spin-offs can be found here.

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