A further mode for transfer and exploitation of technologies is the closing of license agreements or options for property rights. Property rights are, first of all, commercial property rights such as patents or registered designs. These are kept by Helmholtz centres. The property rights that are issued are typically out-licensed, or sometimes divested.

Each year about 400 property rights are registered and approximately an equal number of patents are issued. The overall inventory of Helmholtz Centre property rights lies at more than 12,500 protective rights in more than 4,000 property-right families (status 2014).
Each year, around 1,300 to 1,400 active license, option and transfer contracts are obtained. From these, on average about 17M to 18M euros proceeds have resulted in the last five years. Due to one-off effects, these values fluctuate considerably between 14M euros (2014) and 21M euros (2012).

Making use of the Helmholtz Association patents:

The Helmholtz Association IP portfolio is generally available to all interested license holders. Patents and/or licenses are moreover included in joint strategic collaborations and young spin-off companies.

Are you interested in the multi-faceted Helmholtz Association patent portfolios? It is possible that we have a suitable solution for your problem.

Supportive transfer instruments:

The knowledge and technology transfer at Helmholtz Association implements, selectively, various transfer instruments for the development of new patents.  
For example, the transfer instruments “Innovation Funds of Helmholtz Centres”, or "Helmholtz Validation Fund“ are also aimed, in the context of further development and commercialisation of research results, at bringing technologies into the stage of patenting and licensing.

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