Event formats and networking

Transfer takes place primarily between individuals. Exchange between researchers and users, between Helmholtz Centres and entrepreneurs, between founders and clients or investors is hence important. The organisation of dialogue platforms, events and networking formats is an essential driver for successfully bringing developments to the application stage.

Event formats and networking in the Helmholtz Association

The Helmholtz Association organises various dialogue and event-formats in order to promote this exchange.

•    CTO-Kreis
•    Research Days
•    Start-up Days
•    Innovation Days

Presence at trade fairs and conferences:

Moreover, exchange also takes place at trade fairs, conferences and in organized networks.

Helmholtz scientists and founders are offered the possibility on a regular basis of presenting their inventions and developments at stands in large-scale industrial trade fairs (e.g. the Hannover Messe).

Spin-off companies from the Helmholtz Centres present themselves at Start-Up conferences or award ceremonies such as “Falling Walls Venture“ or “Innovatoren unter 35 Deutschland“ sponsored by the magazine Technology Review.

Working group “Technology transfer and commercial legal protection“ (TTGR)

The transfer departments at Helmholtz Centres are organized through a working group for more than 30 years. This working group unites around 30 transfer and patent experts from all 18 Helmholtz Centres. The working group TTGR  meets at assemblies twice annually. External guests from transfer units at other non-university research associations are invited to these meetings on a regular basis.

Networking in associations and international transfer networks

The Helmholtz Association is a member of the TTO Circle of the JRC as well as the German knowledge and technology transfer organisation TechnologieAllianz. Those responsible for technology transfer at Helmholtz are personal members at ASTP-Proton and are furthermore dialogue partners for queries concerning politics, innovation research and international delegations for the sector technology transfer and innovation management.

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