Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs are physical locations where scientific expertise is constantly combined to meet industry and customer needs. Long-term “enabling spaces” are set up here as places to try out ideas. The goal is to get corporate partners involved in joint development projects over the long term. This commercialization sets the “think and do tanks” of the Helmholtz Innovation Labs apart from regular research laboratories.

Funding Program and Tender

  • Helmholtz Innovation Labs (Link zu Innovation Labs setzen)

The “Helmholtz Innovation Labs” innovation program aims to establish the new concept of “Makerspaces/hackerspaces” or “Fab labs” at the Research Centers and to adapt it accordingly. These “enabling spaces” are intended to provide an interface between industrial research and non-university research. The program is embedded in a long-term strategy that goes beyond pure contract research and existing transfer instruments.

The close and continual interaction between science, industry (SMEs and corporations), and users will contribute to improving technologies as well as to introducing other perspectives from additional market participants at an early stage.

More information and application deadlines can be found on the program website: Link zu „Helmholtz Innovation Labs“

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  • Photo of Barbara Diehl
    • Barbara Diehl
    • Director Department Transfer and Innovation
      Helmholtz Association
  • Photo of Christopher Kerth
    • Christopher Kerth
    • Program Manager Transfer and Innovation
      Helmholtz Association