How can research institutes expediently bring all of their knowledge into the development of innovations while, at the same time, exploiting their potential in full? In order to answer these questions, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has placed the funding project “Testing the management-tool ‘Enabling Innovation’ for the evaluation and sustainable development of innovative capacity in research institutes (EI-Test)” at the disposal of non-university research organisations.

What is Enabling Innovation?

Enabling Innovation is a new, scientifically-valid analysis and planning instrument for the development of sustainable innovation strategies. It was developed within a framework of a joint project funded by BMBF and involving research facilities.

With Enabling Innovation, those characteristics of an institute that make up its innovation capacity are identified. For this purpose, a guideline-supported workshop is carried out. At the end of the workshop, a profile of the institute’s innovation capacity and a confidentially written report are generated. Corresponding recommendations for action can be provided. The innovation capacity can be dependably analysed and assessed and is thus controllable.

Objectives and benefits of Enabling Innovation

It is the object to individually and confidentially enable the research institutes to identify their orientation towards innovations and to implement a change process where it seems to be reasonable. Implementation of the strategic instrument Enabling Innovation makes it possible for the centres and/or institutes to actively advance the respective objectives regarding innovation capacity within the context of their individual opportunities. Starting points for implementation into concrete processes of knowledge and technology transfer can be identified and the results can be used for targeted further development of the institute’s innovation capacity.

Enabling Innovation seeks to contribute to the desired and necessary cultural change in German research institutes. Through application of Enabling Innovation, awareness of the significance of innovation capacity is raised and their implementation strengthened.

Applying for Enabling Innovation

Institutes at the Helmholtz Association that would like to try Enabling Innovation can carry out, with financial resources made available by the BMBF, an initial examination of their innovation capacity as well as an evaluative follow-up examination. You can acquire further information concerning the benefits of this method as well as details regarding application and execution from the power-point presentation "Informationen zur Zielstellung und Beantragung“ , or directly from Dr. Feline Benisch* at feline.benisch(at) or Tel. 02203/ 601 4430.


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