Event Formats

Knowledge is mainly disseminated by people interacting and coexisting with each other. That is why the exchange between research and application, between Helmholtz Centers and businesses, is so important to us. It spreads our ideas and findings – and inspires us. Over the past few years we have developed a number of event formats to promote this exchange.

The aim of Research Days is to give companies insights into relevant research projects by the Helmholtz Association and to initiate possible joint projects or licensing. The matching format has already been used with companies from various industries.

Research Days and Workshops

2018: AiFSiemensHealthineersBASF und Bosch

2016: Huawei and Daimler

2015: ICL

2014: Bosch and Magna

2013: Bayer and IBM

2012: Roche and Siemens

2011: Zeiss

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  • Photo of Arne Meyer-Haake