Event Formats

Knowledge is mainly disseminated by people interacting and coexisting with each other. That is why the exchange between research and application, between Helmholtz Centers and businesses, is so important to us. It spreads our ideas and findings – and inspires us. Over the past few years we have developed a number of event formats to promote this exchange.

CTO Circle was established in 2012 by the President of the Helmholtz Association as a regular dialog platform and activity for networking with industry. The circle is made up of heads of research departments, board members of research-intensive companies, and representatives from universities and non-university research institutions. It serves as a space to discuss top-level challenges currently faced in research and development. Participants discuss pressing issues ranging from concrete research topics and current industry trends to general topics like talent management, internationalization, and innovation framework conditions in Germany. CTO Circle is now held as part of the "Falling Walls" event.

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  • Photo of Arne Meyer-Haake