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Those managing the "transfer offices" at the Helmholtz Centres meet within the Technology Transfer and Commercial Legal Protection (TTGR) working group. There is also a central coordinator at the Helmholtz Association's head office. The technology transfer offices at the Helmholtz Centres are supported in particular by an external private partner.

In independent projects we are experimenting with new approaches in order to constantly improve knowledge and technology transfer.  Each Helmholtz Center has a transfer center that covers the center-specific activities and research environment. They are the direct point of contact for inquiries aimed at concrete activities within the respective center. 

Furthermore, there is a central unit Transfer and Innovation in the head office of the Helmholtz Association in Berlin. The department runs innovation and funding programs and supports the president of the Helmholtz Association on innovation issues at national level.

Since more than 30 years, the transfer departments at Helmholtz centres have been networked through a working group. This working group unifies about 30 transfer and patent experts from all Helmholtz Centres. The AK TTGR meets twice a year for meetings, to which also external guests from transfer facilities at other non-university research associations are invited on a regular basis.

The transfer of knowledge and technology is operatively and strategically domiciled as a decentralised and autonomous topic in the Helmholtz Centres, and optimised according to the local topic spectrum and environment. However, interexchange concerning new legal regulations, suitable collaboration and contractual models or exploitation strategies and funding programmes are of huge benefit for the individual transfer points.

The current chairs of the AK TTGR are Dr. Ilka Mahns (DESY) and Dr. Christian Cremer (FZJ).

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