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We share our knowledge and are curious about the ideas of others. Our workshops and networking meetings.


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Start-up Days

Networking for founders: The Start-up Days take place in Dresden and Bonn, alternating annually. The event is aimed at scientists who want to start their own company with an innovative idea from research. With lectures and workshops, we provide knowledge and tips for your own start-up. Start-up personalities share their experiences and report on obstacles, challenges and successes. We organize the Start-up Days together with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Leibniz Association and the Max Planck Society.

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CTO Circle

Top-level meeting: In the CTO Circle, leaders from science and industry exchange ideas. The heads of our research units meet regularly with the management boards of companies that are active in research and with leaders from universities and other non-university research institutions.

The work of the CTO Circle centers on debates on key issues in the field of research and development. The most important event is the "Falling Walls" conference.

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More News

  • Matter

    In this interview, Weckert discusses various aspects of his work, including the impact of extremely high-luminosity X-ray radiation and the possibilities for analyzing sustainable materials for the…

  • Health, Matter

    The successful development of the mRNA active ingredient highlights the vital role basic research plays in applications.

  • The spin-off project of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) ExoMatter has found a way to facilitate the search for suitable and sustainable materials for companies in almost all industries. Josua…

  • Information

    Researchers from Karlsruhe have been able to make PCR tests for detecting coronavirus infection more efficient. Their invention has become established in practice: Devices based on their principle…

  • Energy

    Peter Wasserscheid is working on technical solutions that are urgently needed for the success of the energy turnaround. This has earned him a number of research awards and led to the establishment of…

  • Information

    Platforms at train stations are often very crowded – especially during rush hour. Hamburg’s main station has had to close its doors on occasion to ensure that passengers remain safe when getting on…

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