Network of School Labs within the Helmholtz Association

At the turn of the millenium the Helmholtz Association initiated the founding if its first school labs to support the education of young people for professions in science and technology. Meanwhile, almost 30 school labs within the Helmholtz Association constitute a firm component of the German educational infrastructure, and the demand for fostering the interest in science and technology continues unabated.

Experimentation is a major component of scientific research, and in the school labs of the Helmholtz Association young people - from primary school all the way to their university entrance exams - can experience interdiciplinary thinking and working in research through independent experiments. In the process, they encounter current topics and actual scientists due to the close ties of the school labs to modern research centres. Thus, the school labs offer hands-on science and research and make the outstanding science of the Helmholtz Centres transparent.

With their offers the school labs complement the school system, create an interface between school and professional training and thus provide a direct contribution to the fostering of young careers in sciences.

A compilation of the research on impacts and other publications on school labs may be found at the National Association of School Labs LernortLabor (mostly in German).

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