Famelab: Three Minutes of Science

Explaining one's research in three minutes only is difficult. All the more so, as it has to be done also in an entertaining, funny style. During the Famelab German final in Bielefeld on 31 March, 15 young scientists demonstrated to an enthusiastic audience that this is not an impossible task at all. Dr Timo Sieber from the University Hospital Hamburg will travel to Cheltenham for the international final. He demonstrated, with a rolling pin, how a skin cell can be reprogrammed back to the state of a stem cell. The second prize went to the UFZ biologist Iris Kröger for her "Mückentatort" (Mosquito Crime Scene). The audience award went to Jan-Marek Ache from the University of Bielefeld, who praised the leg coordination of stick insects in the form of sung rhymes. All videos can be accessed on the web!

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