Subtopic "Energy System Perspective: Assessment and Scenarios"

Considering the multidimensionality of the concept of sustainable development, operationalization must integrate economic, environmental, and social perspectives. At the same time, it is necessary for it to take into consideration social demands and expectations, the behavior of actors and of intratemporal and intertemporal action chains, and the avoidance of undesired irreversible effects. Clearly defined indicators and goals of sustainability, the improvement of the methodological basis for modeling energy systems, and the consideration of decision-making methods form the basis for the transparency and plausibility of the design of future energy systems and the assessment of their sustainability.

The topics of research in subtopic “Energy System Perspective: Assessment and Scenarios” are:

  • Further development of methods for assessing the sustainability of future energy systems on the basis of an expanded set of indicators (including energy efficiency and security) and decision making on the basis of multiple criteria;

  • Improved modeling competence of future energy systems taking into consideration the set of indicators for sustainability and decision making;

  • Development of energy scenarios from the perspective of the concept of sustainable development to form the scientific basis for decision making in the context of the transformation of energy systems (Energiewende).

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Dr. Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs


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