Research Field Aeronautics, Space and Transport

Mobility, information, communication, managing the resources as well as environment and security are decisive factors for the economic, ecological and social development of modern national economics.

The Programmes in the Funding Period 2013-2018

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the only Helmholtz centre in the field of aeronautics, space and transport research.

Scientists conduct research and collaborate in the following three programmes:

Research Programmes


Scientists in DLR aeronautics research work on increasing the performance capability and economy of the air transport system, on reducing flight noise and harmful emissions and on guaranteeing safety. These goals are also targeted within the scope of European collaboration.

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Space research in Germany means R&D to provide direct benefits to the public and, simultaneously, inspiration for the future. In the Helmholtz programme Space, scientists observe the system earth, its processes and changes, they explore the solar system...

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The currently existing traffic system is largely overloaded and faces increasing difficulties absorbing the rising amount of traffic. This chronic overload increasingly jeopardises the competitiveness of the German and European economy...

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