Optional Modules

The optional modules, which last 2.5 days, form part of the programmes and add specific topics to the curriculum. These modules bring together academy participants who are at different career stages but face similar challenges.

Flexible Project Management for Programme-oriented Research
Classical and flexible project management approaches and programme management concepts are applied to the participants’ own situations.

Managing Collaborations
The aim of this seminar is to enable participants to establish robust and profitable collaborations even when there are different interests and viewpoints – for example, by building up trust and using joint decision-making and problem-solving techniques.

Strategic Recruitment
This course teaches active recruitment techniques, such as how to develop an instinct for suitable candidates and how to use one’s contacts effectively in the search for staff.

Financial Management and Controlling
During this module, participants learn the most important principles of accounting. The course also covers the implications of programme-oriented funding for financial controlling.

Strategic Process Management
This module concentrates on the root causes of process costs, such as a lack of strategic focus, insufficient clarification of expectations, unnecessary friction in communication with partners, and excessive bureaucratic control. In this module, participants learn about sustainable process optimisation methods on the basis of an authentic case.

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  • Photo of Esther Strätz
    • Dr. Esther Strätz
    • Helmholtz Management Academy
      Helmholtz Association
  • Photo of Mandy Ritsche
    • Mandy Ritsche
    • Assistant Academy/Mentoring
      Helmholtz Association

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Financial Management and Controlling:


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