Complementary programmes and services


Mentoring is a staff development tool that largely consists of mentors passing on their informal knowledge and personal experience to mentees outside of hierarchical constraints. Mentoring promotes discourse between experienced managers and young researchers, stimulates reflection on possible career tracks in science and science management, and helps provide a broad range of networking opportunities for all participants. Both mentee and mentor profit from successful mentoring relationships.
As a participant in the “Start leading”, “Taking the lead” and “Leading your group” programmes at the Helmholtz Management Academy, you can take advantage of the complementary mentoring programme. Participants in the “Strategic leadership” and “Managing complexity” programmes, on the other hand, are particularly suited for the mentor role. Thus the formation of networks across the various target groups is structurally integrated in the mentoring programme, which is offered outside of the Academy’s optional curriculum.


Coaching is another complementary service available to participants in the Helmholtz Management Academy. In consultation with the Academy team, you can attend up to six hours of coaching as part of the programme you are participating in.
As a coachee, you can address the specific areas or topics that you consider important for your professional development. You might, for example, like to hone individual skills, prepare for new roles and responsibilities, learn how to handle conflict situations effectively or improve your work-life balance.

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    • Dr. Esther Strätz
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