Our leadership programs combine a number of different learning formats, among them in-class courses (camps) as well as virtual formats at the beginning and end of the program (kick-off and retrospective).

We expect academy participants to be open to new ideas and willing to reflect on their role and tasks as leaders. They should be ready to invest time into developing their leadership skills, not only in class, but also during the preparation and testing phases.

The program focuses on the contribution and unique characteristics of leadership in research organizations. Participants acquire practical tools to enhance their leadership effectiveness and will work on their personal day-to-day leadership challenges. They will get to know and apply tools for building, developing and steering teams as well as reflect on their impact as a leader operating in networks. They will learn about relevant levels of strategy and apply them to their own area of responsibility, thus gaining a practical tool box that includes instruments for strategy development and implementation as well as the management of change processes.

REQUIREMENTS: For managers in science, administration and infrastructure, who have assumed a leadership posi­tion within the last three years or are about to take one on within the next six months. This includes team Ieaders at infrastructure facilities, managers of groups, depart­ments, Iaboratories and projects as weil as first-time full prefessors.

Structure: 4 Camps of 2.5 days each (program length:10 months)

Time investment: 14 days incl. preparation and assignments

Participants per program: 15-18

Language: German or English

Fees: 5,200 €* for Helmholtz employees, 10,400 €* for external participants (*excl. VAT)

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Group 1:

Camp 1 "Ready for Leadership": 25.03.-27.03.2019
Camp 2 "Leading your Team to Success": 17.06.-19.06.2019
Camp 3 "Exploring Strategy and Organizational Change": 17.09.-19.09.2019
Camp 4 "Camp on Demand": 11.11.-13.11.2019

Group 2:

Camp 1 "Ready for Leadership": 23.09.-25.09.2019
Camp 2 "Leading your Team to Success": 26.11.-28.11.2019
Camp 3 "Exploring Strategy and Organizational Change": 17.02.-19.02.2020
Camp 4 "Camp on Demand": 04.05.-06.05.2020

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