List of the current members of the Helmholtz Juniors

Anna-Lena Amend| HMGU - Muenchen
Vasiliki Anastasopoulou| MDC - Berlin
Kevin Becker| HZI - Braunschweig
Lennart Bock| IPP - Muenchen
José Cruces-Zabala| GFZ - Potsdam
Donovan Dennis| GFZ - Potsdam
Daphnie Galvez| AWI - Sylt
Thea Hamm| GEOMAR - Kiel
Maximiliam Hamm| DLR - Berlin
Marlene Härtel| HZB - Berlin
Klara Höfler| IPP - Garching
Jan-Paul Hucka| GSI - Darmstadt
Lara Jacobi| GEOMAR - Kiel
Anne-Sophie Käsbauer| FZJ - Jülich
Oguzhan Kaya| DKFZ- Heidelberg
Lukas Kreis| GSI -Darmstadt
Theresa Kuhl| HMGU - Muenchen
Gerd Liebig| DLR - Oldenburg
Tim Lienig| FZJ - Jülich
Michaela Löffler| UFZ - Leipzig
Maike Nagel| DZNE - Tübingen
Khausik Narasimhan| HZG - Geesthacht
Maria Nienaber| HZG - Geesthacht
Nina Novakovic| HZB - Berlin
Elaheh Ordoni| KIT - Karlsruhe
Rutu Parekh| DLR - Berlin
Pablo Perez-Martin| HZDR - Dresden
Carsten Peukert| HZI - Braunschweig
Lukas Rudischhauser| IPP - Greifswald
Annika Rudolph| DESY - Zeuthen
Alexandra Runge| AWI - Potsdam
Khwab Sanghvi| DKFZ - Heidelberg
Vasundhara Shaw| DESY - Zeuthen
Stephanie Taylor| DZNE - Bonn
Karina Winkler| KIT - Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Xiaomo Xu | HZDR - Dresden

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Save the date N2 Conference

The N2 conference will take place in Berlin from the 13th - 15th November 2019 click here for more information!

Helmholtz Survey 2019

Starting on the September the 30 and lasting 6 weeks, the 2019 survey will take place. This year is particularly special because, it will be done in collaboration with he Doctoral Researchers of the IPP Mainz, Max Planck PhDnet and the Leibniz PhD Network on N2 level. Click here to download our press release and follow our social media accounts to stay informed.

N² Network Statement Paper on Power Abuse

Power Abuse is a serious issue that Doctoral Researchers may be confronted with during their PhD. We want to raise awareness, as well as, to find ways to prevent it and/or fight it. Please follow this link to read the paper position on Power Abuse and Conflict Resolution.



Click on the following link to download our flyer

HeJus Flyer


Guidelines for the Completion of Doctoral Projects within the Helmholtz Association can be download on the following link

Helmholtz PhD Guidelines 2019