List of the current members of the Helmholtz Juniors

Lena Amend| HZI - Braunschweig
Anna-Lena Amend| HMGU - Muenchen
Kevin Becker| HZI - Braunschweig
Lennart Bock| IPP - Muenchen
Arne Bublitz| HZI - Braunschweig
José Cruces-Zabala| GFZ - Potsdam
Nirmeen Elmadany| MDC - Berlin
Daphnie Galvez| AWI - Sylt
Marlene Härtel| HZB - Berlin
Marius Hoffmann| DESY - Zeuthen
Klara Höfler| IPP - Garching
Jan-Paul Hucka| GSI - Darmstadt
Lara Jacobi| GEOMAR - Kiel
Anne-Sophie Käsbauer| FZJ - Jülich
Lukas Kreis| GSI -Darmstadt
Theresa Kuhl| HMGU - Muenchen
Gerd Liebig| DLR - Oldenburg
Tim Lienig| FZJ - Jülich
Michaela Löffler| UFZ - Leipzig
Dimitra Lountzi| DZNE - Bonn
Hameed Moqadam| FZJ - Jülich
Maike Nagel| DZNE - Tübingen
Khausik Narasimhan| HZG - Geesthacht
Johannes Nelles| UFZ - Leipzig
Maria Nienaber| HZG - Geesthacht
Nina Novakovic| HZB - Berlin
Olya Oppenheim| MDC - Berlin
Elaheh Ordoni| KIT - Karlsruhe
Isabela Paredes Cisneros| DKFZ - Heidelberg
Rutu Parekh| DLR - Berlin
Pablo Perez-Martin| HZDR - Dresden
Carsten Peukert| HZI - Braunschweig
Annika Rudolph| DESY - Zeuthen
Alexandra Runge| AWI - Potsdam
Oleg Samoylov| IPP - Garching
Khwab Sanghvi| DKFZ - Heidelberg
Martin Schrader| HZDR - Dresden
Vasundhara Shaw| DESY - Zeuthen
Nicolas Stoll| AWI - Potsdam
Pengbo Sun| DKFZ - Heidelberg
Stephanie Taylor| DZNE - Bonn
Karina Winkler| KIT - Garmisch-Partenkirche
Fabian Wolf| GEOMAR - Kiel
Xin You| UFZ - Leipzig



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Helmholtz Junior Survey Report 2019

We are proud to present the "Helmholtz Junior Survey Report 2019". This year, the survey was conducted together with the Max-Plank and Leibniz Society - including as many as 18000 participants, in order to assess and improve work-related conditions among Doctoral Researchers within these Institutions. 


The Doctoral Researchers were asked to assess their situation and give their opinion on topics like supervision, working conditions and family. Additionally two current hot topics in academia,  power abuse & mental health were included into the survey.


Download here

Save the date NextGen 2020 Conference

The NextGen conference is postponed until further notice! download our flyer here!

N² Network Statement Paper on Power Abuse

Power Abuse is a serious issue that Doctoral Researchers may be confronted with during their PhD. We want to raise awareness, as well as, to find ways to prevent it and/or fight it. Please follow this link to read the paper position on Power Abuse and Conflict Resolution.



Click on the following link to download our flyer

HeJus Flyer


Guidelines for the Completion of Doctoral Projects within the Helmholtz Association can be download on the following link

Helmholtz PhD Guidelines 2019

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