Helmholtz Research Schools – Conducting Research in Small Teams

Helmholtz Research Schools are small units focused on specific research topics. Each Research School brings together up to 25 outstanding doctoral students to work on a specific topic.  The students gain valuable experience working in a close-knit team – an absolutely essential skill for ground-breaking research today.

Each Research School has an extensive and high-quality curricula which include the courses which support the student in their PhD studies, courses in transferable skills (such as presentation and mangement) and guidance on career development in science, science management, the broader labour market or, even, setting up a high-tech enterprise.

Doctoral supervision standards at the Helmholtz Association are high and, typically, the PhD student has a primary supervisor (at either a Helmholtz Research Centre or associated university), a secondary super (from the Helmholtz Research Centre or associated university) and an external supervisor bringing an external view to the development of the student.  This 'Thesis Advisory Committee' (TAC) structure differs depending on the scientific and educational emphasis at each Helmholtz Research Centre but is the broad model designed to ensure an excellent education for the student.  

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