The Helmholtz Leadership Academy

The Helmholtz Leadership Academy has over a decade of experience in developing science leaders.  Its subjects include strategy, organizational development as well as self and team leadership.

Our programs are open to Helmholtz managers and executive, who hold a leadership position in science, administration or infrastructure. Members of partner organizations and universities are also welcome to attend.

For us, learning is an innovation process and our programs are designed accordingly.

Within the overall program framework, participants have the freedom to self-organize their learning journey and may choose from among various options to set priorities according to their individual needs. We see ourselves as learning guides and input providers. Our goal is to ensure practice orientation and a perceptible value-add for participants. To achieve this goal, we integrate the in-class learning experience  with the transfer into professional practice.

Our learning formats are:

Kick-off/Retrospective: Programs start with a virtual kick-off. Participants get to know each other and their trainers and gain a deeper insight into the curriculum. At the end of the program, they review their learning experience in the so-called "retrospective".

Preparation: Already during the preparation for the camps, participants independently start working on the topics that will be addressed during in-class sessions. For this purpose, we will provide them with learning materials of different formats, e.g. texts, videos, podcasts, etc. Participants might also be expected to reflect on individual leadership challenges or work jointly with classmates to prepare cases.

Camp: Participants are free to set individual priorities for each camp. They are provided with a broad range of leadership tools and models and are given the opportunity to directly apply them to pressing leadership challenges they face at that moment. Thus they leave the camp with concrete solutions to try out at their place of work.

Testing: Between camps, participants have the opportunity to put to practice the strategies they developed to address their leadership challenges, to share their experiences and to network. During the next camp, participants jointly discuss their experiences in trying out these new strategies.

Leadership Insights: During Camp 4 (“Camp on Demand”), all participants will have the opportunity to delve deeper into some of the topics discussed during Camps 1 to 3 as well as to work on Leadership Insights. Topics and formats will be decided jointly.

Deep Dive: Optional “Deep Dives” offer participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of specific topics. During the camps, participants jointly decide which topics to pursue further. “Deep Dives” are offered only as part of the program "Leading with impact" and typically take place virtually.

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