Key Skills Training

When it comes to developing young scientists’ careers, the Helmholtz Association early on recognized the importance of key skills training. Jointly with experts from Imperial College London and the University of Surrey we have developed an English-language qualification program that is specifically tailored to the needs of doctoral candidates. The program consists of three multi-day workshops, which are designed to fit the different stages of a doctoral program.

Workshop 1: Organizing work, project and time management, teamwork, and communication

Workshop 2: Presentation techniques, writing skills, and publication strategies

Workshop 3: Career planning and developing your leadership style

Since the courses are offered across the various Centers, they bring together doctoral candidates from a wide variety of disciplines and serve as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange. Key skills training is a fixed component of the structured doctoral programs at the Helmholtz Association. For information on current course dates, please contact school coordinators or the Helmholtz Head Office.

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