Helmholtz Research Schools

At Helmholtz Research Schools and, doctoral candidates work together on a shared research topic. Founded jointly with universities and, in many cases, international partners, too, the Research Schools offer doctoral candidates outstanding support, training, and guidance for their careers.

Helmholtz Research Schools are small units focused on specific research topics, with up to 25 doctoral candidates working in the same research area. Thus they gain valuable experience in the kind of close collaboration among international research groups that has become a prerequisite for cutting-edge research today. The schools’ curricula also include personal and professional development courses, ensuring that the young researchers are ideally prepared for a career either within or beyond academia.

Helmholtz International Research Schools, which the Helmholtz Association has been funding since 2017, are characterized by their close cooperation with a specific international research organization. Doctoral candidates work in a scientifically demanding, international environment and gain an early understanding of how important strategic and collaborative alliances are. The international focus of the program as well as the research visits to the international partner offer further opportunities for the doctoral candidates to enhance their careers.

If you are interested in doing your doctorate at a Helmholtz Research School or a Helmholtz International Research School, please contact the institutions directly. Calls for applications are also posted on our job exchange.

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