PhD Candidates

Would you like to make a scientific contribution to solving major, urgent questions facing society, science, and business? If you complete your doctorate at one of our Helmholtz Centers, you will be able to conduct research in an environment marked by an outstanding technical infrastructure and administrative excellence, receive intensive scientific support, and gain international experience.

Guidelines for the Completion of Doctoral Projects within the Helmholtz Association

The high quality of training provided to the approximately 8,000 doctoral students in the Helmholtz Association is laid down in the Helmholtz Doctoral Guidelines. Its central components are:

  • Doctoral candidates are generally supervised by three postdoctoral scientists in a doctorate committee;
  • At the beginning of the doctorate, a doctoral agreement is concluded, clearly defining tasks and responsibilities during the doctorate;
  • The doctoral project and the conditions of the doctorate are designed in such a way that the doctorate can generally be completed in three to four years;
  • The Helmholtz Association is committed to ensuring that doctoral candidates work in positions subject to social security contributions. The duration of the contract should be based on the projected duration of the doctoral project;
  • The doctoral students and their supervisors regularly discuss the progress of the project. A meeting with the entire doctorate committee is held at least once a year;
  • The implementation of the guidelines is supervised by our Helmholtz Research Schools and Graduate Schools. These schools are characterized by a wide range of technical and interdisciplinary qualification courses, including career advice and support, and facilitate exchange and networking.
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