The Helmholtz Association is Germany's largest research organisation.  Its 18 research centres are akin to national laboratories, managing much of Germany's science infrastructure in six overarching research programmes in: Energy; Earth and Environment; HealthAeronautics, Space and TransportMatter; and Information.

The Association has a workforce of approximately 42,000 people working for 18 Research Centres across the whole of Germany. 

Note: all scientists' posts  are advertised in English (our scientific working language). A complete list of job vacancies at all levels and in all departments is only available in the German version of this search (change languages above).

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Your Results 71 - 80 / 412
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The Helmholtz Association

€5 billion per annum

six research fields

18 research centres

50 research institutes

43,000 staff

international reputation

Germany's largest research organisation

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