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The US presidential election was one of the main events this year. With Donald Trump being elected, climate science is facing an uncertain future. Read more in a commentary by Helmholtz scientist Reimund Schwarze who attended the World Climate Conference in Marrakesh just after the election took place.

In the story “A discussion about transparency” we tackle another important political issue that is concerning science: Open Science and Access, a discussion with activist Christian Heise. While Biochemist Christian Haass spoke to us about the progress Alzheimer Research has made in the last 20 years.

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Contemporary Issus
‘We have taken a major step forward in the last 20 years’

Biochemist Christian Haass conducts research on Alzheimer’s disease. For him it is crystal clear that the protein amyloid is what triggers the dementia disorder. Now he is concerned with being able to diagnose the disease early on. This is because treatment with antibodies is only effective in the early stages.

World Climate Summit
‘We are moving toward an uncertain future’

The climate summit in Marrakech can by all means put forward a few findings. But all of the uncertainty that was hovering over it concerned how the USA will conduct itself in the future. A commentary by Reimund Schwarze, Environmental Economist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ).

Open Access
A discussion about transparency

Free access to scientific publications and scientific data is still an exception to the rule. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research wants to change that and has initiated an open-access strategy. A discussion with the activist Christian Heise concerning the usage of, and risks connected to, freely available research data.


Into the deep for the first time

Walaa Thabet and Eoghan Daly, 22 November

The senior scientists are telling us the first station on the cruise will be the most difficult one. But what if, the first station is the first station you have ever done so deep? We were about to sample water from different depths in the Atlantic Ocean, therefore we used a CTD and a water sampler.

Don’t be shy! Why you should blog/talk about science.

Horace Chan, 16 November

Science is big now. We are living in a period where technology reigns supreme, and this is poised to intensify with the emergence and hype of artificial intelligence and informatics. Already, educators and policy makers are promoting STEM education, and ‘coding’ has become a much sought-after skill in the marketplace. In biomedical research, we life scientists are also exposed to many exciting topics that hold promises of transforming healthcare and research.

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