Book Recommendation: "Die Klimafalle" (The Climate Trap)

The climate debate is gridlocked: the goal of limiting temperature increase to two degrees Celsius is scientifically controversial; the quarrel between sceptics and admonishers stifles the debate and renders political action difficult. The climate researcher Hans von Storch and the ethnologist Werner Krauß state: "We are stuck in a climate trap." In their book "Die Klimafalle" (The Climate Trap), the unusual team of authors casts a new glance at the essential stages of climate research and policy. The authors illustrate how in their view climate research has fallen into a "trap" and how it can get out of it again.

Hans von Storch, Werner Krauß: Die Klimafalle. Die gefährliche Nähe von Politik und Klimaforschung. Carl Hanser Verlag, München, 2013

14.05.2013 , Franziska Roeder

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