Astrophysics: Searching for a Second Earth

DLR scientists have discovered a planetary system that is astoundingly similar to ours. The high degree of similarity with our own solar system gives rise to the speculation that there might be life there. Astrophysicist Heike Rauer explains the probability of discovering a second Earth.


Energy Transition: Smart Power

The energy transition necessitates the comprehensive conversion of the electricity supply system. This requires not only new power supply lines, but also intelligent operating resources. Thomas Leibfried from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) explains what this involves.


Artificial Intelligence: Mastering Big Data

Be it on the internet, at the stock exchange or in the field of medicine: the amounts of data confronting people increase to ever larger proportions. Former staff members of the Helmholtz Zentrum München have developed a software that is capable of handling large, unstructured amounts of data.


Science journalism: End of Story?

Science journalism is in a state of crisis. Many editorial departments have less money, fewer personnel, less space – and fewer readers. The industry needs to reinvent itself.


Algae: Miracle Substance Born from Water

A tasty ingredient in sushi or an annoying nuisance in the garden pond - this is for what algae have been widely known so far. Scientists will not be satisfied by this limited view. They test their utilisation for filling up fuel tanks, for cosmetic products and even for space travel.



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