Helmholtz International Fellow Award

Cooperation with the world's best researchers is a key objective of the Helmholtz Association's international activities. To this end, the organisation has also committed itself to an internationalisation strategy within the framework of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. The Helmholtz International Fellow Award aims to intensify existing cooperation between Helmholtz Centres and international research institutes and to further strengthen the links between Helmholtz researchers and outstanding colleagues abroad. Another aim is to further increase the international visibility of the Helmholtz Association as an excellent research institute and an attractive cooperation partner. The association also hopes to achieve a multiplier effect. Helmholtz International Fellows can serve as ambassadors for the Helmholtz Association and promote new links and cooperation with their country of origin and/or home institute.

More information regarding the next call for applications will be available on this page soon.

February 02, 2018


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