Third call

Helmholtz International Labs

One of the central objectives of the Helmholtz Internationalisation Strategy 2017–2022 Association is to enhance strategic international cooperation with excellent research institutions from all over the world. To reach this goal, the funding program ‘Helmholtz International Labs’ has been launched in the Initiative and Networking Fund.

With an International Lab, an existing or new international partnership is expanded and taken to the next level.  Helmholtz Centers join forces with a renowned complementary international partner institution, focusing on a forward-looking research topic that is of high strategic relevance for the Helmholtz Association as a whole. Research infrastructures play a pivotal role in a Helmholtz International Lab.  The partner institutions should either jointly develop new infrastructures or use established ones within the proposed research project.  A ‘Helmholtz International Lab’ is intended to create a visible research activity of the Helmholtz Association in a location abroad. This ‘outpost’ is positioned and branded accordingly and thus also contributes to the international visibility of the Association.

The maximum amount of funding that can be requested from the Initiative and Networking Fund is 300.000 € per year. It is required that the Helmholtz Center(s) and the international partner provide co-financing. The initial project duration is five years. Following a successful evaluation, an additional period of three years may be funded. Please note that the call was updated on 16 January 2020.

The deadline for the current third round is 20 March 2020.

Please find the call and the application template as downloads below.

Helmholtz International Labs_third call

Helmholtz International Labs_Application template

November 20, 2019


    • Alexandra Rosenbach
    • Adviser International Affairs
      Helmholtz Association

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