Applications shall be submitted by December 1, 2020.

Helmholtz AI Projects – 2020 Call

The Helmholtz Association strengthens innovative approaches in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To this end, Helmholtz AI will permanently and strategically drive and coalesce the field of applied Artificial Intelligence within the Helmholtz Association. As an interdisciplinary platform, Helmholtz AI will compile, develop, foster, and promote Artificial Intelligence-based approaches for all Helmholtz Centers. This call furthers the AI network that has been initiated with the first funding round.

The objective of this call for Helmholtz AI projects is to initiate and facilitate activities that address cross-center challenges and AI methods. It aims at innovative projects (high-risk high-gain) and collaborative projects that include excellent external partners (co-creation).

Applications shall be submitted by December 1, 2020 (deadline). All relevant information is contained in the following documents.

Please submit your application exclusively via the following website: Helmholtz AI Projects – 2020 Call

August 11, 2020


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