Start leading

This programme prepares you for your first leadership role. The aim is to develop basic confidence to allow you to get off to a good start in your new role.

What to expect

  • You will obtain clarity about your personal goals.
  • You will think about your goals in the context of your organisation’s objectives.
  • You will explore the interaction between individuals, roles and organisations and discover which expectations are associated with a leadership role.
  • You will work on aspects of leadership in a scientific context.
  • You will learn to “lead” yourself and to achieve your goals through consistent self-management.
  • You will learn about the rules that govern complex organisations such as the Helmholtz Association.

Target group:

This course is aimed at people who are likely to assume a leadership role in the next one to two years, such as postdocs prior to forming their own research group, departmental officers, and staff members from the technical or administrative departments who have a coordinating function.


4.300,- Euro for Helmholtz employees

8.600,- Euro for external participants

(Prices do not include VAT)


Module 1: Developing leadership skills (3 days)

Modul 2: Managing yourself (2,5 days)

Modul 3: Understanding complex organisations (2 days)

Optional modules (2,5 days)

see Optional modules

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  • Photo of Esther Strätz
    • Dr. Esther Strätz
    • Helmholtz Management Academy
      Helmholtz Association
  • Photo of Mandy Ritsche
    • Mandy Ritsche
    • Assistant Academy/Mentoring
      Helmholtz Association