Leading your group

This programme provides a compact introduction to all of the leadership topics needed to establish and lead your own group under intense pressure to perform and significant time constraints.

What to expect:

  • You will develop targets for your group using strategy development instruments (SWOT, environment/stakeholder analysis, core competencies analysis).
  • You will learn what is important as regards selecting staff for a scientific organisation.
  • You will learn how a group becomes a scientific team and how you can focus this team on shared goals. In doing so, you will also think about your own understanding of leadership.
  • You will recognise your team members’ performance and find ways to develop it.
    Without losing sight of individual achievements, you will find out how to organise your team so that it can pursue and reach a shared goal.

Target group:

This course is aimed at scientists setting up their first group. It is tailored to meet the needs of Helmholtz Young Investigators Group leaders.

This programme is offered in both German and English.


3.800,- Euro for Helmholtz employees

7.600,- Euro for external participants

(Prices do not include VAT)


Module 1: Aligning your group strategically (2 days)

Module 2: Leading your team effectively  (2,5 days)

Module 3: Building your team as a resource(2 days)

Description of Modules

Optional Modules (2,5 days) 

see Optional Modules

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    • Dr. Esther Strätz
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    • Mandy Ritsche
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