Helmholtz Association Refugee Initiative

The Helmholtz Association, in a joint endeavour with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency), launched a new initiative in mid-December 2015. This involves a gateway into scientific or science-related employment for individuals who are forced to flee their homeland. The Helmholtz Association is thus fulfilling their social responsibility, while at the same time offering a professional opportunity to talented persons. 

Within the framework of the new Initiative, there are various possibilities for scientifically or technologically trained individuals to get on board a scientific or science-related career. This could involve, for example, auditing classes, internships or appointments for scientists, or trainee positions for youths. In order to review which offering is most suitable to which interested party, the Bundesagentur für Arbeit first of all records the applicant’s qualifications as soon as he/she has residency status. The Agency subsequently forwards the application documents for eligible candidates to the Helmholtz Centres that are thematically most suited. 

 In the event that an applicant’s language skills are not sufficient, the Agency shall lend support. They assume, in addition to mediation, the costs for six-week trial courses at the Helmholtz Centres, for potentially necessary qualification measures and for entry-level qualifications such as language courses. 

Over the mid-term, up to 300 individuals are to be integrated into the Helmholtz Association Centres through the Initiative. For this purpose, an initial sum of 1 million euros has been made available through the President’s Initiative and Networking Fund (IVF) for 2016. The respective Centres, in turn, are also participating.  

Are you interested in the Initiative? As a first step, please get in touch with the service-number of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit: 0800 4 55 55 00 


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