Creating Frameworks for Top-Flight Research

Great research achievements are only possible when the frameworks needed to promote success are actually in place for the scientists and researchers. To make top-flight research possible, the Helmholtz Association uses its Initiative and Networking Fund to promote Technology Transfer, Equal Opportunity and the Internationalisation of Research.

Technology Transfer
Under its Spin-Off Initiative, the Helmholtz Association launched the "Helmholtz Enterprise" funding programme for highly-promising spin-offs from Helmholtz Centres. The budget is shared proportionately by the participating centres and the Initiative and Networking Fund.

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Equal Opportunity
To improve equal opportunity within Helmholtz, the association offers post-childcare career re-entry positions and a Network Mentoring Programme in which experienced professionals help young women scientists and researchers plan their career paths.

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International Cooperation
Since outstanding scientific findings and innovations can only be achieved through global cooperation, the Helmholtz Association uses the Initiative and Networking Fund to specifically promote the Internationalisation of Research. These activities focus on China and Russia.

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    • Dr. Rainer Nicolay
    • Head Initiative and Networking Fund, Helmholtz Enterprise
      Helmholtz Association
    • Andreas Schulze
    • Program Officer, Initiative and Networking Fund: Research cluster and strategic partnerships
      Helmholtz Association
    • Martina Carnott
    • Initiative and Networking Fund,
      Administration, Virtual Institutes
      Helmholtz Association
    • Dr. Johannes Freudenreich
    • Promotion of young and early-stage researchers (on parental leave)
      Helmholtz Association