Here you can find the contact details of the staff of the Research section:

  • Photo of Sören Wiesenfeldt
    • Dr. Sören Wiesenfeldt
    • Head of Department Research
      Helmholtz Association
  • Photo of Malgorzata Radtke
    • Malgorzata Radtke
    • Assistant Research and Strategy
      Helmholtz Association
    • Sabrina Schubert
    • Assistant Research Department
      Helmholtz Association
  • Photo of Sylke Selzer
    • Sylke Selzer
    • Project- and Processmanagement
      Research Department
      Helmholtz Association

Research Fields

Delegates for the research fields in Brussels Office

  • Photo of Angela Richter
    • Dr. Angela Richter
    • Delegate for the Research Field Earth and Environment
      Helmholtz Association
    • Dr. Nicolas Villacorta
    • • Delegate for the Resarch Area Matter
      • European Research Infrastructures
      • European Open Science Cloud
      Helmholtz Association
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