Synthetic liquid hydrocarbons – storage with the highest energy density  

The energy alliance “Synthetic liquid hydrocarbons – storage with the highest energy density” is working on innovative possibilities for storing and transporting energy. For this purpose, research scientists are jointly optimising production and combustion of synthetic liquid hydrocarbons and examining their potential as a viable energy storage system. 

A central challenge for the project is the recording and optimisation of the hydrocarbon production process in its entirety. Hydrocarbons are, in comparison to gaseous hydrogen, substantially easier and safer to handle. Moreover, they can be stored for the long-term in large quantities and, as opposed to batteries, without losses.

Synthetic hydrocarbons are also of great interest for the transport sector: As a kind of optimised petrol – comparable in colour and consistence – they burn with very low emissions. Similar combustion chambers and turbines can be deployed here as with conventional petrol. The goal of the Alliance is to continue improvements in the combustion process and to minimise the low emission of pollutant

Research scientists are examining the potential of synthetic liquid hydrocarbons as a chemical energy storage system, and where they can best be deployed for realisation of the energy transition. In addition to deployment in highly efficient large power plants, or directly at the primary energy producer on site, application in decentralised facilities such as communal heating power stations (CHP units) is also conceivable.  

  • Duration: July 2012 to June 2015
  • Funding amount: ca. 3.5M euros
  • Leadership: German Aerospace Center
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Manfred Aigner
  • Participating Helmholtz centres: German Aerospace Center
  • Universities: University of Stuttgart, University of Bayreuth
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