Functionality of complex materials
analyzed by means of complementary methods

The materials considered have in common that their dynamic response cannot be described by a single degree of freedom alone. Energetically, the coupling between different degrees of freedom and to the environment leads to highly non-trivial low-energy excitation spectra. Combined use of various spectroscopic as well as structural probes over a wide energy range is required in order to provide complementary selective access to all relevant degrees of freedom. Time-resolved probes are needed to directly follow the pathways through the multidimensional landscapes in real time, thus complementing techniques that identify the ground state and excitations based on an instantaneous response.

Science driven network and education

The Virtual Institute consistng of HZB, DESY, two german universities and a large number of national and international partners establishes an interdisciplinary science driven academic network and provides unique possibilities for training and education of young scientists.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Föhlisch


Dr. Rolf Mitzner