International Conference

Dynamic Pathways in Multidimensional Landscapes

16 - 20 September 2013
Berlin, Magnus-Haus of the German Physical Society


The Virtual Helmholtz Institute conference mirrors its scientific scope focusing on the dynamics of a broad range of materials from molecules to nanoscale structures and strongly correlated solids. Emphasizing on X-ray methods but applying as well complementary experimental techniques we aim at a unifying view on the properties (of the different systems) governed by coupled internal degrees of freedom that interact with the environment.

The broad interdisciplinary approach is consciously chosen to break down the barriers between the communities and allow for interesting discussions and mutual fertilization of the scientific work.

We will have scientific sessions on specific material classes or methods being accompanied by those devoted to the advancement of experimental and theoretical methods and poster sessions.

  • Quantum materials, magnetism and correlated solids
  • Molecular dynamics in physical chemistry and catalysis
  • X-ray interaction with matter
  • Atomic and nanoscale structure from coherent scattering, diffraction and imaging

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Confirmed Speaker

  • Martina Dell'Angela, U Hamburg
  • Martin Beye, HZB
  • Henry Chapman, CFEL DESY
  • Majed Chergui, EPFL Lausanne
  • Kelly Gaffney, PULSE, SLAC
  • Bernd Keimer, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
  • Alexey Kimel, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Jochen Küpper, CFEL DESY
  • Dwayne Miller, Max Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter and Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging
  • Anders Nilsson, SUNCAT, SLAC
  • Michael Odelius, U Stockholm
  • Andreas Scherz, XFEL
  • Zhi-Xun Shen, SIMES, SLAC, Stanford University
  • Jo Stöhr, LCLS, SLAC
  • Martin Wolf, Fritz-Haber-Institut, MPG
  • Vittal Yachandra, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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