The VI is lead by a scientific board. It consists of M. Weinelt (FU Berlin), S. Eisebitt (TU Berlin and HZB), H. Chapman (DESY) and A. Föhlisch (HZB). A. Föhlisch serves as a spokesperson and, with the aid of the communications department of HZB, externally represent the VI. The national and international partners each send one person to the scientific board to represent their interests and coordinate activities with national and international partners.

The national partners are represented by S. Techert (MPIBPC). The interests of the international partners are represented by H. Dürr (SLAC).  XFEL send a permanent representative, S. Molodtsov (XFEL), given the high strategic importance of the research of the VI for XFEL. 

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Föhlisch


Dr. Rolf Mitzner