Plasma Dynamical Processes and Turbulence Studies using Advanced Microwave Diagnostics

Turbulence propagation (spreading) & non-local transport

Background: Knowledge of the radial propagation of turbulence is important for understanding transport in fusion plasmas. To date, only limited measurements are documented, which are mostly restricted to the plasma edge. Correlation techniques using two or more reflectometer systems probing different plasma radii can provide radial profiles of the radial propagation velocity.

Here, the different fusion devices operated by the partners provides an ideal test-bed for a programme of radial correlation measurements using both standard correlation Reflectometry and Doppler reflectometry.

Approach: Multi-point measurements using current stepped-frequency correlation reflectometers as well as future developed Comb reflectometers based on frequency diplexing - see project 6.

Project lead by IPP:
      PhD student (t.b.a.)
      Prof. Uli Stroth

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stroth