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There is a place in Antarctica where, even in the endless winter, fresh herbs, lettuce and tomato plants will grow. But the garden is more than a treat for polar scientists, who will cultivate the greens at the Neumayer III polar station. The researchers will also test how fresh plant-based food could be provided during future missions to the Moon and Mars. 

Modern science can hardly be conceived without analyzing huge amounts of data. Twentieth-century airplanes generate a lot of data — about the engine systems, fuel use, crew activity, and even weather systems they encountered. So, in order to characterize an aircraft, it takes about one million data sets with multiple related pieces of information. Find out more about how the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is seeking to evaluate those huge amounts of data.

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Growing fresh food in the Antarctic

Scientists are working to grow fresh vegetables in a greenhouse surrounded by perennial ice. The experiment will supply the winter crew at Neumayer Station with fresh food, but it is primarily designed to provide experience and data for future Mars missions.

Aircraft Development
The data of the skies

Complex and expensive tests are necessary in order to develop aircraft. The subsequent maintenance is also very costly for the airlines. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is seeking to change all this through the use of supercomputers and the evaluation of huge amounts of data.

Nuclear Fusion
The latecomer

Wendelstein 7-X is the world’s largest and most advanced nuclear fusion device of the stellarator type. Its objective is to test whether a new source of energy could emerge for humanity from fusing light atomic nuclei.


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