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Winter is slowly coming to an end. But Helmholtz researchers are already planning their winter adventure in the Arctic for the year 2019. Check out our story about the upcoming MOSAiC Expedition and find out what is behind the idea of freezing a ship into ice. 

More interested in Health than the polar region? Read about how obesity causes epigenetic changes in the human genome and learn why these findings might be good news for curing diseases such as age-related diabetes. 

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Contemporary Issus
The MOSAiC Expedition
Adventure in the ice – what climate researchers are planning for the Polarstern

In a little over two years, the research ship Polarstern will be embarking on an adventurous expedition. The ship will be drifting through the Arctic for a whole year, frozen into the ice. Thus, scientists hope to gain new insights into climate change.

Superfluous fat changes genetic material

Obesity causes epigenetic changes in almost 200 loci along the human genome. This has been shown by the largest international study on this topic to date. Researchers hope that the results will open up new ways of predicting the course of diseases such as age-related diabetes.


Into the ice

‘Furious Fifties’ and ‘Screaming Sixties’ – these are the infamous names of the ocean regions we crossed in our transit towards the Amundsen Sea. Despite our misgivings, the weather has been surprisingly good. Hence we had a smooth and uneventful journey to our working area.

Snow + wind = snow in every corner…how to kill time.

A new year has come and it seems like winter is finally there too. The snow cover has gotten better since a while already, but latley the temperatures have dropped quite a bit as well. But above all, we had wind. A lot of wind. Wind with snow and wind without snow. But even then, the snow on the ground is just blown everywhere. It creeps in everz corner and piles up to big snowdrifts.

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