Knowledge as Europe’s Driving Force

In a joint declaration, the presidents of six major European research organizations have stressed the importance of science for the continent’s future development.

The presidents of the research organizations CNR (Italy), CNRS (France), CSIC (Spain), and Germany’s Leibniz Association, Max Planck Society, and Helmholtz Association are seeking strong European cooperation in the field of research as a signal of Europe’s future development.

They have now issued a joint declaration that defines “knowledge as Europe’s driving force.” The declaration highlights six themes and recommendations, which are intended to guide decision makers in European research policy in order to reach the desired goals. The organizations believe this is the only way to achieve sustainable development and joint progress.

  • European spending on research is a vital investment in the future and contributes to Europe’s ability to compete
  • Excellence must remain the most important criterion for European research projects
  • Future innovation will only be possible through fundamental research
  • European research requires largescale research infrastructure
  • Cooperation across borders is one of Europe’s distinctive characteristics and should be used to attract the best talent
  • In the era of “fake news,” the scientific community has an important role to play in making knowledge accessible to society and supporting evidencebased political decision-making processes.

The joint declaration is the result of the first meeting of the organizations’ presidents in Brussels on October 16, 2018. In the future, the presidents want to engage in closer communication and intensify their cooperation.

Joint Declaration

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