Annual Event 2019


Matter matters:
Exploiting data in megascience projects

"Large research infrastructures are vital for Europe‘s international position in research and development. Facilities such as synchrotrons and neutron sources enable us to understand atomic processes and molecular structures: Why does matter behave in a certain way? Such knowledge can ultimately lead to the design of more efficient microchips or more effective medicines. With each experiment, users of these infrastructures create data at exascale amounts. What do we need in order to harness the data and separate the wheat from the chaff? Can we transfer data management approaches already tested in particle physics to other research fields and collaboration with industry? Will artificial intelligence help us sailing through the massive volume of data and fully exploiting it? How can we generate new knowledge from vast amounts of complex data? What role will Horizon Europe and the European Open Science Cloud play? By providing cutting-edge research examples, Helmholtz wants to foster the policy discussion on the role of large research infrastructures in data generation and analysis."

These questions were addressed during the Helmholtz event in Brussels in March 2019.

    18:00    Get together
    18:30    Welcome addresses
    18:45    Key notes by science and politics
    19:15    Panel discussion
    20:00    Reception

More information:
Panelist Michael Bussmann@Helmholtz Horizons 2018:
"The soap box car approach – A new kind of particle accelerator for cancer therapy"

Kindly hosted by the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union

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