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The Helmholtz Roadmap serves as a basis:

  • for discussing the strategic planning with the sponsors. It therefore forms a cornerstone for binding planning within the BMBF [Federal Ministry of Education and Research] processes, e.g. for preparation of a national roadmap.
  • for consultations on the strategies for financings, setup and operation of the research infrastructures using already-formulated evaluation criteria and processes (i.e. using precise timescales and budgets, summary cost estimates, setting priorities, including the planning for closures/switch-offs and [new] structuring of the management for these infrastructures),
  • for independent assessment of the research infrastructures by the Science Council, if applicable,
  • for concrete consultation with the user community,
  • and not least, for the ongoing discussion within the Helmholtz Association itself, for regular revision and updating of the Association’s research portfolio, as well as the infrastructure planning.
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