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Helmholtz Postdoc Programme

There will be no call for the programme in 2016. For other information regarding programmes and calls for junior researchers please check our website.

Promote Early Scientific Independence and Equal Opportunities

Talented young academics who have completed a promising doctoral thesis can take advantage of a new Helmholtz Association programme designed to help them further develop their scientific excellence effectively. They will receive a grant for a period of two to three years directly after earning their PhD, enabling them to work independently on a research topic of their own choosing and establish themselves in their field of research, e.g. by publishing on the topic. To promote equal opportunities, it is intented to grant at least 50 percent of the positions in the programme to women.

What the programme offers

Protein Sample Production Facility. Bild: HZI

Candidates chosen for the Helmholtz Postdoc Programme will receive €100,000 annually for a period of up to three years. They can use the grants to pay their own salary and that of a technical assistant, if required. In addition, the grants provide the flexibility and means to cover travel expenses arising from a recommended stay abroad during the grant period. In addition, Helmholtz postdocs can attend courses offered by the Helmholtz Management Academy to develop their management skills. In the initial phase, young postdocs will also be assigned a mentor. And to make it easier for participants with children to reconcile the demands of having a family and a career, Helmholtz Centres offer benefits such as flexible working hours and childcare services.


The programme is aimed at young scientists and academics who have either gained their doctoral qualification in Germany or abroad within the past year (plus, where applicable, parental leave of up to two years) or are about to earn their degree. The most important selection criterion is the academic quality of the candidate’s PhD thesis, but outstanding grades and publications are relevant for selection as well, as are any prizes or awards candidates may have won.



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