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Doctoral Training Programmes

Graduierten-Kurs in Oberursel 2009. Bild: Henner Büschung

Helmholtz Research Schools
Helmholtz Research Schools are small units focused on specific research topics where young scientists and researchers can gain valuable experience working together closely in teams.

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Graduierten Kurs in Oberursel, 2009. Bild: Henner Büsching

Helmholtz Graduate Schools
Helmholtz Graduate Schools provide a roof under which a varied number of curricula in different fields, or across disciplines, can find a home, depending on the size and nature of the research centre.

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Die Helmholtz-Juniors bei Ihrem Treffen 2011 in Hamburg.

Helmholtz Juniors
Helmholtz Juniors is an initiative launched by doctoral students and PhD candidates in the Helmholtz Association with the aim of fostering exchange and networking among their peers, improving the conditions they work in and expanding the range of advanced training opportunities available to them.

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