Helmholtz Association
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Master & Diploma Theses, Vocational Training and Work Placement

Schülerlabor am Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (HZI). Bild: HZI

The Helmholtz Association trains numerous young women and men in technical and administrative professions each year with the aim of contributing to expanding the pool of qualified personnel and offering young people prospects for a future in science-related careers.

A total of 1,617 young people received vocational training in one of the Helmholtz Centres in 2011. This is an impressive training rate consistent with those of past years.

With the highest training rate of any non-university research organisation in Germany, the Helmholtz Association contributes to reinforcing Germany’s position as a centre of scientific excellence and innovation. Moreover, thousands of students earn their degrees with theses on science-related topics at Helmholtz Centres every year.