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The Helmholtz Mentoring Programme for young women working at the Helmholtz Association – called Taking the Lead – is an integral part of the Association’s strategy to ensure equal opportunities for men and women at all Helmholtz Centres. It aims to raise the number of women in executive-level positions, where they are still significantly underrepresented.

The Goal

Mentoring Auftaktveranstaltung "In Führung gehen", 2010. Bild: Helmholtz/Gundula Krause

Mentoring is a human resources development instrument with the goal of preparing highly motivated young women working in science and administration for executive-level positions requiring management and leadership skills and helping them forge a strong network of contacts within the Helmholtz Association and beyond.

The Target Group

The programme is aimed at young women who have had a PhD for around two to five years and at women working in administration and management who are at the beginning of their careers and aspire to an executive-level position. All participants in the programme must be on the staff of a research centre within the Helmholtz Association.

The Concept

The idea behind mentoring is to pair up a – usually younger – employee starting out in her career with someone who has already attained a certain level of success and who has excellent social skills. As an instrument of human resources development, it can be defined as experienced mentors passing on their specialised knowledge and insights gained through years of experience to less experienced mentees and supporting them in their personal and professional development. Thus mentoring partnerships can touch on many spheres from education, training and career to leisure activities.


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