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Helmholtz Research Schools – Conducting Research in Small Teams

Graduierten-Kurs in Oberursel 2009. Bild: Henner Büschung

Helmholtz Research Schools are small units focused on specific research topics. Each one brings together up to 25 outstanding young doctoral students to conduct research on a specific topic and thus gain valuable experience working together closely in teams – an absolutely essential skill for top-notch research today.

In addition, the Helmholtz Association works with distinguished partners such as the University of Surrey, enabling it to provide a curriculum that includes a range of courses that aim to foster professional qualification and personal development and equip graduates for careers in management positions, both in science and the business world.



Nina Loechte 100x100

Nina Löchte

Promotion of young
and early-stage researchers,
International Networking
(on maternity leave)

Helmholtz Association

Berlin Office
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10178 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 206329-16
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Christina Angersbach

Initiative and Networking Fund

Helmholtz Association

Bonn Office
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