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The Helmholtz Association aims to use ground-breaking research to tackle the great questions of our time. Here, we present projects currently being carried out by scientists at the Helmholtz Centres. The examples range from fundamental questions concerning the origin of matter to health research and the development of high performance functional materials.

Indium arsenide quantum dots for fast processors

6-Megavolt-IonenbeschleunigerThroughout the world, researchers are looking for new ways to increase the performance of microchips. HZDR scientists led by Dr. Slawomir Prucnal and Dr. Wolfgang Skorupa have now succeeded in generating quantum dots made of indium arsenide on silicon wafers.

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Racked computers

Green Cube, Volker LindenstruthTo conduct research, scientists require maximum computing power, which normally uses a great deal of energy.

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Particle expertise yields benefits for medicine

PET-ScannerThe highly sensitive specialised sensors that physicist Dr. Erika Garutti develops are in fact intended for future particle detectors.

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Nanoparticles improve catalysers

Katalysator-NanopartikelIn fuel cells, catalysers ensure that hydrogen and oxygen react to form water, thereby releasing energy.

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DESY Research into flexible solar cell films

ExperimentaufbauFlexible and cheap plastic solar cells could be enormously practical.

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Locating the elusive

ALICE-DiffraktometerScientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), working with colleagues from France and the UK, have discovered that two normally incompatible properties can be manifested simultaneously, even at room temperature.

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